Do you want your children to get one-on-one instruction?

Do you want your children to get one-on-one instruction?

One-on-one instruction allows the tutor to really understand the “whole” student on various levels and provides the individualized instruction and attention that each student requires. A few of the benefits of one-on-one instruction and tutoring include: understanding the students’ personality, identifying the students’ best learning styles, recognizing academic strengths and weaknesses, gaining understanding and mastery at the students’ speed and pace, improving critical thinking skills, promoting effective study skills, and developing a rapport that increases self confidence through freely asking questions. By incorporating these components, it allows the tutor to meet the individual needs of the child and tailor the one-on-one instruction during each session to the child’s learning style. The tutor will gain the understanding of how each student thinks and learns best so that each session is structured to increase academic success!

With one-on-one instruction, the tutor can develop a plan that is customized to the students’ needs and enhance any areas of weakness through positive reinforcement. If the student is having difficulty understanding a specific concept or skill, the tutor can devote more time explaining and demonstrating the concept. This effectively allows the student to understand the information at the appropriate pace for his/her learning. One-on-one instruction is specifically designed to help increase the students’ knowledge and understanding of the concept or skill while also keeping the student more focused and engaged. Thus, allowing the student to use his/her time more effectively when learning.

The ultimate goal of one-on-one instruction is to celebrate success! Each session provides the student with continuous positive reinforcement, praise, and encouragement. It is essential that students feel great about their progress, improvement, and understanding. When the students’ self esteem and confidence is increased, it encourages them to be motivated and realize that learning can be exciting, engaging, enjoyable, and most of all – FUN!

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